Sunday, February 26, 2006

Chocolate Characters Continued....The Hot One

At first glance, combining chili with chocolate may appear to be a rather modern phenomena. However a more authentic combo would be hard to find. The ancient Mayans (A.D. 250 to 900) and possibly the Olmecs before them, flavoured their highly valued chocolate drink with a number of delicacies including honey, vanilla and also chili. It was only when the Spanish conquistadors introduced cocoa to Europe that sugar was added and chocolate was not eaten in anything resembling the bar format that we know today until the 19th century.

OK, history lesson over. Let's get to the nub of the matter. What does a predilection for the piquancy and kick that chili adds to chocolate, reveal about one's character?

Chili in Dark Chocolate
The consumer of this particular combination is one of the pleasure seekers of the chocolate world. Verging on being a worrier, they are searching for something in life, even if they are not quite sure what that elusive 'thing' is.

Usually high achievers, they tend to display a cautious adventurousness which can appear to others as a sense of bravado and gung-ho, however this really belies a certain hesitancy.

These creatures with their love of strong flavours, possess a warm personality who will give deeply to those they love but can adversely be politely cool with those that they don't take to. These are all or nothing animals.

Chili chocolate lovers seek stimulation, both of their tastebuds and their intellect. They abhor being bored and in extreme cases can become quite destructive unless their attention is diverted and engaged elsewhere. They find it hard to relax and will push themselves until forced to stop, either by others or by sheer exhaustion.

They are passionate about the issues and people they care about. On the occasions when they allow themselves to cut loose and to let their wild emotions and desires come to the fore, they can be quite a force to be reckoned with.

Just as chilies add a kick and vibrancy to a dish, so can the chili chocolate eater enrich one's life. However, a word of caution. Handle with care.

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Anonymous said...

I really loved your piece on the wide mix of chocolate tasters, sidlers,browsers one may expect to encounter in a good chocolate shop But I rather think you left out that curious creature, the chocolate coffee-bean addict. This shy individual has a passion for small and dark, and astonishingly long-lasting chocolate-coffee-beans or coffee-chocolate-beans. The bean nibbler can make a small pack of these comestibles last a month or more. The lean mean bean muncher is the chocolatier's despair with his small bag of swag that seemingly never empties, lingering on long after the Christmas , when the gift was given; indeed the mean beaner still has something left by Easter...