Thursday, February 09, 2006

Chocolate Characters

Chocolate holds a singular position in life. A power it has yielded for thousands of years and shows no signs of relinquishing. Few legally obtained substances arouse a similar level of passion and one is hard-pressed to find an individual who is indifferent to the stuff - most have a favourite centre, brand or even bean whilst others claim that they cannot stand it.

Whether an advocate of a mass produced, sugar laden 'fix' or a connoisseur of the single plantation, single bean slab, we rely on cocoa to give us a small measure of unbridled pleasure. Sadly for some this is tinged with guilt ("I really shouldn't....") whilst others relish the unfurling of desire as little piece of dark heaven melts on their tounge and the ensuing flavours envelop them.

Whilst working in the chocolate shop I often wondered if each individual's reaction to chocolate is different, does their choice of flavours reveal anything about them? For example, are there characteristics which are common to those who love a milk hard caramel and do they differ from those who prefer a cherry wrapped in dark chocolate?

Having observed customers and conducting a survey amongst my friends I have come to some silly conclusions, the first of which follows:

Violet cream enrobed in dark chocolate

Those that delight in this floral delicacy is of a complex character. Often overlooked as the granny's choice, these little fondants belie a sophistication and subtle air of the eater in question. Often those that choose flowery creams have a certain sense of tradition, a classic style being sure about what suits them and what they like. They will have a strength of character and a quiet confidence of their convictions. They appreciate the finer things in life and often have exquisite taste. These are not guzzlers, instead choosing to savour experiences in life and beneath that romantic exterior, there is a passionate soul waiting to be discovered.

Next time you see someone select a violet or rose cream from a mixed selection, bear in mind that this quiet, seemingly unassuming person is truly a tiger!


Peter Newman-Legros said...

I seem to remember you saying that Jasper liked violet creams....

Anonymous said...

I must have missed out somewhere. Now a granny twice over I cannot recall ever tasting a violet cream. Unless of course memory has finally started to betray me...