Saturday, February 04, 2006

Lemon Soul

Welcome to my little world of culinary experiences. This blog is purely an outlet for my passion for food and for my new-found joy of writing. Also it’s a simple means of keeping in touch with my friends and family abroad – if I can’t cook for them at least I can show them what I’ve been up to.

My approach to food has changed quite significantly in the last few years. I used to be afraid of it and of experimenting with ingredients, however years of avidly reading every published article about food, collecting recipes and of living with a terribly accomplished and instinctive cook (my boyfriend, J) has given me a confidence that is still growing. A stint in the wine trade and an in-depth course about chocolate (another passion of mine) introduced me to the heady world of flavours and their nuances and now I find that playing with combinations is such fun, even if they don’t always work.

Lemons are my favourite fruit as they have the power to release their wonderful juice and by doing so, bring a little taste of sunshine to gloomy London. I start each day with the juice of half a lemon and it never fails to lift my spirits. I try to eat very healthily, mainly as I am dairy and gluten intolerant. Instead of letting this be a burden I view it as a daily opportunity to cook a meal from fresh ingredients without ever being able to fall back on nasty processed foods. I adore baking and yet don’t have a sweet tooth (apart from chocolate but that’s another story) however fortunately my boyfriend and friends do and so my tinkerings with flour, eggs and sugar usually find a welcome home. However I am no domestic goddess.

Basically I am fascinated by food and everything appertaining to it be it restaurants, ingredients and their provenance, people’s eating habits etc: the list is endless and rather than boring you with my rantings, I hope that you find this blog of mild interest and if nothing else, that it may inspire you to get out your saucepans and to prove that you are a better cook than me. Trust me, it’s really not that much of a challenge!

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